SIE Students and Faculty Make Themselves Seen, Heard Across Campus

All over the UA campus, SIE students and faculty are taking active roles in sports, academics and leisure activities.

  • The Engineering Management team won the first-ever SIE Gingerbread House Building Competition. The industrial engineering team placed second, and systems engineering took third.
  • In February, the team of ASEM & IISE/INCOSE won the E-Week softball championships, and April saw a laser tag battle between faculty and students, with the students coming out on top.
  • SIE participation even spread to the virtual world, as over 1,200 people tuned in to the first ever livestream of the SIE precommencement ceremony in May, and more than 250 people attended the inaugural VR summit in August.
  • Former SIE student worker Kirk Sibley broke the record for appearing as Wilbur the Wildcat at UA football games, and has performed as the mascot for the last 21 homecoming games.
  • W.L. Gore and Associates Inc. hosted a lean crash course for over 70 SIE undergraduates in November.

University of Arizona College of Engineering