Virtual Reality Creates Opportunities for Interactive Learning at VR Summit

Man wearing headset that covers his eyes and holding controllers in both hands.A mixture of augmented and virtual reality recently pitted UA faculty, staff and students against cowboys and zombies during the inaugural VR Summit, Aug. 4 and 7, at the Science-Engineering Library.

More than 250 people attended the event, and Q&A panel discussions were available with users, industry experts, and UA faculty members such as Young-Jun Son, department head of systems and industrial engineering.

"It allows us to experience things we couldn't – and hopefully will never – experience in the real world, and to go places we haven't been before," Son said.

During the panels, content creation emerged as a central theme rather than technological advances, as interdisciplinary cooperation must be the foundation for virtual content. For example, current technology could allow a virtual tour of the Louvre, but programmers and designers must work with art historians to create the exhibits to be displayed there.

University of Arizona College of Engineering